I enjoyed agriculture experience with yasonosato.

We have been experiencing agriculture at “Yasuo no Sato” in Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture!
We felt like we got back to childhood and were able to enjoy it crazy!
Eating freshly picked vegetables is also a pleasure.

What should I cook?

Use plenty of freshly picked fresh vegetables・・・

Bathe a lot of sunshine, harvest!

It grew nutritious and delicious.

Freshly! Radish

The leaves of radish are so fussy!

Shitake mushroom!

It is pretty cute.

Mushrooms, a lot!

It grows steadily.

How about a natural mushroom?

We got a lot!

I could use such a mushroom! !

When I was absorbed in crazy, it turned out to be a casa of two people ‘s face.

What are you doing? I’m missing turmeric ~! !

Turmeric is rooted.

Yellow turmeric → good for the liver?

It seems that raw curry can be made

in Satoyama · · · sweet potato

Speaking of autumn … sweet potato!

Yakinaku? Lets!

I hope sweet … I’m looking forward to it!

Tractor experience! Impressed !

A commemorative photo on a red and cute tractor!

Healing with herbs!

Both air and landscape are comfortable and healed!

Making chamomile seedlings

It is a familiar chamomile with herb tea.

“Fuji” from Momokura plantation

Mt. Fuji is divine when seen.

After going to Yamanashi, “Farmhouse health lunch box”

The taste is pleasing to the body! !


1531-1 Tomihamamachi Miyatani, Otsuki, Yamanashi
From Otsuki IC


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