Fishing with narakoduricenter!

Although it is possible to come in one hour from the city center, it is a full of nature.
How about fishing where you can feel beautiful air and nature?
You will be amazed by the transparency of the river and the taste of the fish you caught.

Nature’s stream is the fishing well as it is

Rivers, mountains and air are also beautiful! Feels good!

Nature that can come in one hour from the city center

Impressed by the transparency of water・・・

You did it! Let’s be proud to everyone!

Crazy fishing, my stomach is also pecopeco!

Rainbow trout Aquapazza completed

Ready to serve! This looks delicious・・・

Challenge fish dishes

To cook outside is fresh!

Outside dinner twice as much taste as it feels!

You will want to take a lot of pictures too.

I want to try it once, grilled with salt!

You can feel the taste of the material firmly. Feeling nature is received.

Chillin with bonfire! The best luxury!

For dessert, baked marshmallows! The feeling and the stomach are also very satisfied!


10 Nanahomachi Narago, Otsuki, Yamanashi
From Otsuki IC


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