We went to Saruhashi which is one of Japan’s 3 odd bridge.

We went to Saruhashi which is one of Japan’s 3 odd bridge.

Saruhashi is famous for Ando Hiroshige’s “Koyo Saruhashi no Ki Figure” etc.

As much as the scenery from the ground, bridges looking up from the river ride on a boat also have unexpected emotions.

Japan 3 One of the most interesting bridges, Saruhashi

Its unusual structure is known as a strange bridge.

Historical Saruhashi

It is famous for Ando Hiroshige’s “Koyo Saruhashi’s illustration” etc.

Characteristic bridge structure

Because it is in a deep valley and you can not build a bridge piers,
“Hanegi” supports the bridge.

Enjoy the views of the seasons

Beauty like being in the picture!

Valley where 4 bridges can be seen at a time (2 nation designated, scenic spots and important cultural property)

You can enjoy a dynamic sight like a movie.

Boat excursion is an unusual experience

Looking from the bottom, there seems to be another discovery again!


313-2 Saruhashimachi Saruhashi, Otsuki, Yamanashi
From Otsuki IC


We went to Saruhashi which is one of Japan’s...
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