About Otsuki DMO

About Otsuki DMO

DMO is a corporation that formulates strategies for achieving regional development through tourism by drawing out the regional “earning power”, and while working with various stakeholders, creating an attractive town together with the local community to hold. DMO is attracting attention as a means of regional revitalization.

In March 2017, the “Otsuki DMO Review Conference” was launched, with a focus on tourism associations, travel officials, and professors at Otsuki Junior College. We gather and discuss the contents, such as “Can you create a town with a focus on sightseeing in Otsuki” or “What kind of organization?”, About once a month.

Consider establishing a central organization (DMO)

In the past, we have promoted local resources interspersed in each area, such as rich nature and the scenic beauty of the monkey bridge, and each area and group has been engaged in various initiatives in an effort to attract customers and exchange activities utilizing their respective local resources.
Although these local resources and efforts have been attractive and have attracted people by themselves, there are parts that tend to be isolated tourism, as each exists at a point.
Therefore, while thinking of the city as one tourism area and connecting it to the consumption of money in the city, DMO, which is a private group that bundles up local resources and activities, is established, and the people who are concerned unite with one another. Voice is going to enliven the whole city by bringing in

Regional features

Otsuki city is located in the eastern part of Yamanashi prefecture and is a city rich in nature, “Fuji’s view is the most beautiful in Japan” about one hour by limited express from Tokyo. In addition, Koshu Highway · Iwashigo Castle Site and
There are many place names about the Japanese old tale “Momotaro” such as Saruhashi in the Sana Bridge in Japan, and it is full of history and legends.
While utilizing these regional resources, we are trying to promote new tourism such as agriculture and outdoor experiences.

Council profile

Otsukityo Hanasaki 1608-19 Otsuki-shi Yamanashi